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  • Far Cry 3 All DLC RePack by RG Mechanics
  • 4 years ago
  • 4 months ago
  • 4.3 GB
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__ Info:

Year : 2012

Genre : Action / 3D / 1st Person

Developer : Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher : Ubisoft

Publication Type : RePack

Language : ENG | RUS

Sound language :ENG | RUS


Feature Repack:

Far Cry 3

Game Version - 1.05

Do not recoded

There are all released DLC

Cut the map editor and multiplayer intro

Ability to select a combination of text and voice (see the screenshots installer) __


** Fallow Me on Tumblr: http://iamawesomeeeeeeee.tumblr.com**

More at reneescommunitygarden.com
And ibit.ws
bommali 4 years ago

it says unable to write to c program files( 86x) please help me to fix this error

bowtieman4x4 2 years ago

windows deleted setup.exe. Said I dont have permission to open it. I assume I should have run as administrator? This is for PC right?

YIPY1337x 2 years ago

How to switch save file from "steam" version of Far Cry 3 on this version of game? Any one... Thanks. http://s17.postimg.org/hj4yc4qfj/steam_save_file_to_pirate_version.jpg

RGTeamGames 2 years ago

all you games not working gayyy ATUAMAEDE4

DeaconBlooz 2 years ago

plz help. the game doesn't have a continue or load option. i have to restart each time. it's really annoying.

suraj1033 2 years ago

plz upload this game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms 2014

ATUAMAEDE4 2 years ago

[email protected] Do you need Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Phantoms or Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldier? I don't know a version mentioned above

suraj1034 2 years ago

tom clancys ghost phantoms

suraj1034 2 years ago

tom clancys ghost phantoms this game ATUAMAEDE4

SincereDF21 1 year ago

Does this work?

otter25702 9 months ago

Second type of file like this I have downloaded and the English file isnt there...waste of time.

gtouch501 5 months ago

Hey each time i start a game i do some missions it saves i go to main menu it still is saved but then i restart and there are no saves?!! pls help me! ):

RNate 4 months ago


autorun.inf 100 B
data1.bin 3.5 GB
data2.bin 795 MB
data3.bin 9.9 MB
icon.ico 182 kB
DirectX/APR2007_xinput_x64.cab 94 kB
DirectX/APR2007_xinput_x86.cab 52 kB
DirectX/DSETUP.dll 88 kB
DirectX/dsetup32.dll 1.7 MB
DirectX/dxdllreg_x86.cab 41 kB
DirectX/DXSETUP.exe 525 kB
DirectX/dxupdate.cab 92 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_D3DCompiler_43_x64.cab 922 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_D3DCompiler_43_x86.cab 910 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx10_43_x64.cab 230 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx10_43_x86.cab 193 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx11_43_x64.cab 135 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx11_43_x86.cab 107 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx9_43_x64.cab 915 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_d3dx9_43_x86.cab 750 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_XAudio_x64.cab 271 kB
DirectX/Jun2010_XAudio_x86.cab 272 kB
vcredist_x86.exe 8.2 MB
setup.exe 2.1 MB
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