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  • Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff [ePub, Mobi]
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  • Fury Michael Wolff ePub Mobi
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surferbroadband 8 months ago

Book is listed as....Nonfiction.

I would call the book ..... Imagination.

weafceaw 8 months ago

I would be upset too, if my president's ratings were what they were.

Gusar19 8 months ago

US did not have better president since Kennedy.

Motsux99 8 months ago

Gusar19... how's the weather in Russia, comrade?

Atom64 7 months ago

Motsux99 You must feel pretty silly seeing how the muh russian collusion was just a dnc and FBI lie to hurt a political opponent that they didn't agree with, you must feel even sillier seeing how most of the country could see through the obvious nothing burger long ago, if you don't believe me just look at the FISA memo that was released. Do you know why people like yourself always bring up nothing burgers? it's because no one has anything else substantial. Keep being soar losers it'll just be 6 more years of God Emperor YesYourPresident Trump.

abutayeh 8 months ago


apollo60 8 months ago

This book should be titles Fluff and False news about the Trump Presidency Anything lie to make a buck.

Retrenched 6 months ago

Atom64 - you really should extract that soggy Hannity sausage from deep withing your shriveled, inflamed rectum. That kind of goofy Tea-babble will never attract an intelligent girl, bubba... only fungus and maggots.

Retrenched 6 months ago

Btw, Atom64, it's spelled "sore", you poorly-edumicated, scum-lapping Trumpoodle.

solarisone 6 months ago

^ I knew at least one Trump supporter would complain. Can't even be bothered to write "fake news" correctly.

peekinggoose 8 months ago

thanks trump,the filthy fat slob is going down

robert1246 8 months ago

I am going to seed night and day till everybody in America gets one copy, so that this creep Wolff gets almost no revenu from this trash.

beammeup 8 months ago

Ah the man what a piece of ....

RoidDenizen 8 months ago

If you guys would stop using CNN and MSNBC as a news read you'd find the truth that Trump is on America's side and understand why the left hates him to the point where they'd lie about him. Find out what he's don e for this country already. I was once like you but I decided to find the truth for myself.

EvilBunny 8 months ago

This one has a clear agenda to follow. Read it by all means but be mindful about its contents and overall accuracy."He gets the basic details wrong" Maggie Haberman, NYT"Wrong and Sloppy" Mike Allen, Axios"..may not be super reliable.." Charlie May, Salon"The author..says he can't be sure if parts of it are true" Business Insider"Real factual errors..makes you wonder about the overall content" Brian Stelter, CNN"..unprincipled writer of fiction" Steven Rattner, Obama Czar"..a broader skepticism among journalists over the veracity of certain details.." Michael Calderone, Politico

magalionparty 5 months ago

Anyone who thinks he's a racist, see what Candace Owens, Hotep Jesus, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, David Clarke, Kanye, Paris Dennard, Stacey Dash, and other others have to say about what he is doing for the black community. If you're just listening to Shaun King, Trevor Noah and Oprah, you're being lied to.<< Edited by magalionparty on Apr/22/2018 >>

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