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A young coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he's talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is--who Blue is. Along the way, he tries to find himself as well.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5164432/

Love, Simon (2018) download

Love, Simon (2018) download

Love, Simon (2018) download

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roxana-ehsani 3 months ago

As a lover of LGBT movies on someone who has experience the coming out process, I felt this movie was way too far fetched and slightly cringey. The ending was so unbelievable unrealistic and out there what I was hard pressed to keep watching. Especially having read the book and how smoothly the events unfolded in the written version, I feel like the film adaptation was not entirely believable, and mostly just cheesy.That being said, I would still recommend people watch it as some might enjoy it. The protagonist was charming and cute as hell, and the whole thing was pretty uplifting.

Tomas_buffay 3 months ago

I finally watched this and it was perfect, this is beautiful, and very necessary! Probably one of my favorite scenes was the Jennifer Garner's speech, that if you watched the movie, you probably know what i'm talking about. There's probably just a few little things i didn't like, especially some of the classic topics and stereotypes that this genre of film usually haves, but still, it's amazing.We need more films like this. Fun, heartwarming, and just fantastic all around!!Also, a reminder if this wasn't enough: Be yourself. Be happy. You deserve it.

Pokedom 3 months ago

Part of me really wants to scream from the rooftops that the world is right in loving this movie. But I'm holding that back to talk about how the film is, as a film. It's not worth giving every movie with a positive message and cute moments a 10/10. Film doesn't work like that. By this logic Geostorm is a godsend of a movie. And we all know how that went.Let's go with the good. I think that yes, this movie is quite cute. Most of the dialogue is pretty great. Even the emotional moments toward the end are pretty good. The actors have a lot to work with, and aside from some moments that don't work, they try a good amount. It's interesting to see how the world is fairly similar to the real world, with believable dialogue and predictable teenage behavior.I think the message of the movie is nice. Being gay is totally fine, and seeing this kid grow throughout the course of the movie is fitting. He's just an average guy, a little shy, and gay, but hasn't told anyone yet. So he just goes through life, staying with his friends, being himself. There's some good moments in here that fit, and the coming out scenes are handled very well. The ending is extremely adorable as well. I won't say anything specific, but bring tissues if you are not strong willed.That being said, despite how I like the acting, the dialogue, and the message... I think this movie has a lot of horrible cliche stuff that just doesn't work at all. The leads are romantically involved, but they aren't gonna say anything about it. The kids all hang out in Drama class. The one guy threatens to leak information if he doesn't get the girl with the help of the lead. Does it sound like I'm describing Love, Simon? Or am I describing every high school rom-com you've ever seen? Really the only twist here is the lead is gay and it seems the rest aren't. I dunno, halfway through it felt like the girl who secretly liked Simon was actually gay too.The bully characters- they're not even characters. They have maybe 5 lines. And they're only there to be the "homophobic anchors" and pull off one really obnoxious scene where the kind and understanding Drama teacher (of course it was the Drama teacher) roasts them in front of the whole school. They're not even offensive, if I saw "bullies" like that at my school I'd just laugh at them, not with them. They get roasted every time they make an offensive joke anyways. You could literally take them out and nothing would change. It's just another cliche that doesn't need to be there.The "antagonist" is really really dumb. He just accidentally stumbles across Simon's conversations and uses it as blackmail. He does realize that being gay is a touchy subject right? He has no real consideration, doesn't even hesitate when blackmailing. The movie treats him as pure evil with one goal: to get someone to like him. A special someone... could this get any cheesier? I think if I sprayed cheese over the screen it'd still not be as cheesy. Really? This is yandare at it's finest, except when she denies him. Like he does everything right and she says no. So what does he do? Leaks the emails! Take your rage out on the guy who was only trying to help you win! Really??? Like Simon gave him the advice, he took it, and when she says no, he just does something so inconsiderate and bad you can't understand what he was thinking. Simon had nothing to do with some other girl saying no to you. Don't take it out on him... he's the Baby Driver himself. (Really look at the two... jeez...)So yes, this movie is fine. It's not nearly as good as everyone is praising it as, at least to me. I think there are parts that are extremely great, and parts that are absolutely awful. If you can look past some of the cliches and fully immerse yourself in the movie, and the good stuff about it, good on you. You absolutely have the right to enjoy it and love it. Don't let me and my nagging keep you down.

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