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Two young assistants in New York City realize they can make their lives easier by setting up their workaholics bosses to date. While trying to perpetuate this romantic ruse between their nightmare bosses, the assistants realize they might be right for each other.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5304992/

Set It Up (2018) download

Set It Up (2018) download

Set It Up (2018) download

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krystalhupfer 3 months ago

.... there were definitely some places where it could've been funnier, but overall I enjoyed it. It was super distracting at the end when all the passerby's were staring, obviously meaning they couldn't afford to block side walks and hire extras. The Positive: I found myself smiling long after scenes had ended. Definitely a feel good movie.

tx-30948 3 months ago

The trailer looked promising to me, and reminded me of Horrible Bosses 1 & 2, which I quite enjoyed.I also like three of the four main actors, as I already know them from various appearances (Scream Queens, Ally McBeal etc.). Only the actor playing the male boss was unknown to me.Unfortunately, the movie was a big, big let down.First, for a supposed comedy, it was not very funny, brining laughter only once in a while and moderately. This is the opposite of Horrible Bosses.Another major negative relates to the bosses, and this is a key difference with the Horrible Bosses movies.The male boss' reactions and talk are so exaggerated they are unbelievable. Of course, he has to be horrible, but he almost only appears screaming or so, yelling at people, and there is nothing that could make us feel he is a human. It is impossible to get immersed or willing to follow what happens to him, which is not what should happen.The female boss is less exaggerated overall, although many times, she's also inhuman given the ovelyr-excessive reactions and talk.In Horrible Bosses, bosses were real humans (acting badly). I wanted to know what would happen to them. They were also more present.The two lead characters (the bosses' assistants) are OK-ish, although the way they accept what their bosses ask them to do and how they treat them is not always believable or relatable. While I liked Glen Powell a lot in Screem Queens, he appears rather transparent and superficial in this movie. Zoey Deutch performance and contribution was OK I suppose.The lead assistants' partners are moderately present. The female assistant's boyfriend is barely visible, but the male assistant's girlfriend is somewhat more present.Also disturbing to me, it is unclear whether the movie wants to be a romance. While many parts point to that, there is a significant amount of vulgarity, which is hard to reconcile with true romance.At the end of the day, a promising cast and idea, but a horrible output.

tributarystu 3 months ago

Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell reunite after the excellent Everybody Wants Some (2016) in this low frills, high-chemistry rom-com. There isn't much to dwell on here, as 'Set It Up' proves the ideal low-stakes Friday night Netflix watch.Deutch and Powell play Harper and Charlie, two young and ambitious characters working for a very special brand of pushy, domineering bosses. When they realize their common predicament, they set out to...set up their bosses, in the hope that it will lead to quality of life improvements for themselves. In an ironic twist, the ones being pushed around leverage their insights into personal scheduling and personal preferences to ensure the mis-match ends up matching. As is usual for mischievous do-gooders, there will be fraternizing and moral conundruming. And it will be fun.Any successful rom-com hinges on the compatibility of its leads. Luckily, that's not an issue here, with both potential couples gelling or not gelling just as intended. It's the energy of all four key characters that keeps the movie alive, thanks to the odd piece of witty writing or amusing situation. I think I only rolled my eyes once at some ultra-corny moment that could have been avoided, but beyond that, director Claire Scanlon works gently and fairly with her characters. Everybody learns an important life lesson by the end and, surprisingly, it's a lesson I relate to, although I've never had the issue of overworking myself in order to avoid pursuing my passions. There are other, more pleasureful ways of doing it.

HereGoHellCome 3 months ago

I watched this movie because I saw Tituss Burgess was in it. He was in ONE scene! What a waste of talent. The rest of the movie is watchable if you have absolutely nothing else to do. It's very predictable and not that funny.

bobcatukbb 3 months ago

Cute, funny, enjoyed cast for the 2 assistants, enjoyed the concept. Downers: some language, over-the-top extremes of particularly the male boss. Not enough romantic comedies being made like "The Notebook," leaving Romcom fans starving for that quality and depth.

richard-fieldhouse 3 months ago

Two ridiculously overworked personal assistants hit on the idea of setting up their respective bosses together in the hopes that the assistants will then get pushed around a bit less. At first they're surprisingly successful but a plot this ambitious could never run totally smoothly could it? So the premise of the film is very simple and the plot also develops along predicable lines. About ten minutes in, I was getting concerned about issues of workplace bullying, but then I got caught up in the energy of the story and the characters of the two assistants, Harper and Charlie, played by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. Yes, they are bullied and yes you could definitely say that the male boss - Rick, played by Taye Diggs - is a bit of a two dimensional caricature. But this is a romcom, not a documentary, so who cares.There are enough laughs and the characters learn a little about themselves and about life along way, and most of all everyone - all the actors - get stuck in and really enjoy themselves. Right from Lucy Liu as the female sports journalist boss, right through to the cameos by the elevator engineer and the assistant in the jewellers.It's a very wordy script delivered at a terrific pace, perhaps particularly thanks to Zoey Deutch, and most people should really enjoy it.

atiyaahsan 3 months ago

I had seen the movie's trailer beforehand but didn't have high expectations from this one. I am happy to report I was wrong. The movie is funny, witty and thoroughly engrossing. I wasn't bored for a minute, thanks to the snappy dialogue and crisp editing and direction. I must admit I only decided to watch it cuz' of the big names like Luc Liu & Tae Diggs, and though both of them played their characters of A**hole bosses convincingly, but it's the primary couple of Zoey Deutch & Glen Powell that makes you fall in love with them. Even the supporting actors cast in bit roles like the coffee shop waiter, the elevator guy and the gay best friend played their roles perfectly. I found my self constantly laughing out loud. All in all, it was a very enjoyable film that all rom-com lovers will enjoy.

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