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  • Yoga Journal: Complete Home Practice
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  • Yoga Journal Complete Home Practice
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Yoga Journal: Complete Home Practice

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Yoga Journal - Complete Home Practice movie was released Sep 06, 2011 by the Bayview studio. Yoga Journal - the most trusted Yoga magazine in the world - is proud to present the Complete Home Practice 2 DVD set - it's your very own at-home yoga studio! Discover the joy of yoga through nine safe and easy-to-follow routines to improve your overall health. Yoga Journal - Complete Home Practice movie Taught by some of the world's most acclaimed instructors, this collection is a convenient way to make yoga an integral part of your life... all from the comfort of your home.

This instructional yoga program for intermediate practitioners offers a complete home program, with challenging poses and techniques that can help solidly increase the benefits and results of yoga practice with regular practice Yoga Journal - Complete Home Practice video.Teachers are Kathryn Budig, Lilias Folan, Amy Ippoliti, Elise Browning Miller, Simon Park, Stephanie Snyder, Peter Sterios, and Cora Wen.

  • Summer Break, by Kathryn Budig: This fun vinyasa sequence includes backbends, core strengtheners, and hip openers to build strength and confidence.

  • Comfort & Joy, by Cora Wen: Rejuvenate and refresh with this slow-paced sequence of supported poses.

  • Hip Enough, by Stephanie Snyder: Open your hips and release stress and negative emotions with this vinyasa sequence.

  • Happy Days, by Lilias Folan: Brighten your inner smile as you gently stretch and strengthen your body.

  • Twist to Fly, by Simon Park: A prana flow sequence of increasingly deepening twists will prepare you for flight in Side Crane Pose.

  • Heart Wide Open, by Amy Ippoliti: Enjoy this unique 2 part practice that first fires up the strength in your arms and then opens your heart with a backbending sequence in this Anusara class.

  • Vishnu’s Repose, by Elise Browning Miller: Develop strength, flexibility, and balance in this Iyengar sequence leading to Side-Reclining Leg Lift.

  • Healthy Twist, by Peter Sterios: A challenging torso-toning flow sequence of standing poses, this sequence will increase circulation to your organs and stimulate your digestive system.

Program Title Duration

Complete Home Practice - 01-00 Intro 00:31

Complete Home Practice - 01-01 Summer Break by Kathryn Budig 16:36

Complete Home Practice - 01-02 Comfort & Joy by Cora Wen 22:47

Complete Home Practice - 01-03 Hip Enough by Stephanie Snyder 20:30

Complete Home Practice - 01-04 Happy Days by Lilias Folan 11:59

Complete Home Practice - 02-01 Twist to Fly by Simon Park 24:21

Complete Home Practice - 02-02 Heart Wide Open by Amy Ippoliti 18:15

Complete Home Practice - 02-03 Vishnu’s Repose by Elise Browning Miller 15:05

Complete Home Practice - 02-04 Healthy Twist by Peter Sterios 17:36


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